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Bar Marking 


The SOSSNER line of manual and pneumatic impact presses provides the versatility needed in your manufacturing operation.  Whether the need is marking, piercing, shearing, punching, forming, stamping or assembly, the SOSSNER impact press will be one machine for all your needs.  The unique impact springs design provides consistent pressure from piece to piece, even with variations of air pressure or operator input.

Innovative technology from Sossner has produced a bar marking machine that will outperform any comparable equipment available to industry.


The exclusive Sensor Control System is the brain of this machine. Starts and stops, even emergency stops, are all controlled automatically.


A more compact and efficient AC powered, DC motor drive delivers variable speeds without gear or torque changes. At both the beginning and the end of the bar, speed is increased/decreased slowly without reducing the force of the torque.


You can mark both top and bottom simultaneously if you desire. A heavier face for stability, easier drive and marking wheel changes complete the unit.

Manual Impact


Manual controlled bench type machines

The Perfect Press to replace that single use lever or toggle press.  Accepts 25mm, 36mm, or 60mm diameter tooling.  Perfect for assembly, pressing or crimping.



.5 tons (0-600 kg)
Height: 18 in (455 mm)
Weight: 21 lbs. (9.5 kg)
Table:  4x4 in (100x100 mm)
Throat: 10 3⁄4 in  (225 mm)

3.3 tons (0-3000 kg)
Height: 30 in (760 mm)
Weight: 73 lbs (33.5 kg)
Table: 63/8 x 63/8 in (160x160 mm)
Throat: 17 in. (430 mm)

7.1 tons (0-6500 kg)
Height: 35 in (910 mm)
Weight: 218 lbs (99 kg)
Table: 81/2 x 81/2 in (220x220 mm)
Throat: 173/4 in (450 mm)

Pneumatic Impact


Pneumatic controlled bench type machines
The pneumatic version of the mechanical press above.  Perfect for those repetitive jobs where operator fatigue is a factor.


3.75 tons (0-3500 kg)
Height: 24.8 in (630 mm)
Weight: 120 lbs (55 kg)
Table: 63/4 x 63/4 in (170x170 mm)
Throat: 101/4 in (430 mm)
Air Pressure Required: 60-90 PSI

8.5 tons (0-7500 kg)
Height: 33.5 in (850 mm)
Weight: 352 lbs (160 kg)
Table: 95⁄8x 9 5⁄8 in (245x245 mm)
Throat:  113/4 in (300 mm)
Air Pressure Required: 90-100 PSI

.75 tons (0-700 kg)
Height: 14.8 in (375 mm)
Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
Table: 41/2 x 41/2 in (110 x 110mm)
Throat: 65⁄8 in (170 mm)
Air Pressure Required: 40-50 PSI

Variable position mounting where compact size with full power capabilities are required.  (Show with optional angle supports.)

A true pneumatic press that provides the fine adjustment required for assembly and pressing with a large 125mm diameter tooling capacity.  The sensitive approach to automating the assembly line.


8.5 tons (0-7500 kg)
Length: 26.8 in (405mm)
Weight: 113 lbs (11.5 kg)
Air Pressure Required: 90-100 PSI


3.75 tons (0-3500 kg)
Length: 16 in (405mm)
Weight: 25 lbs (11.5 kg)
Air Pressure Required: 60-90 PSI

.5 tons (0-600 kg)
Length: 9 in (405mm)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (11.5 kg)
Air Pressure Required: 40-50 PSI

Numbering Heads

Sossner's precision engineered numbering heads are built with today's "space age" technology and alloy steels to ensure outstanding life at a lower total cost. Standard heads are stocked and all styles of custom heads are available upon request.



Numbering Heads for:

* Indent marking - Hot stamping - Embossing - Roll Marking and special jobs

* Character sizes: 1/32" to 3" numbers or letters in gothic, low stress, dot face, bar code, and other style characters.

* Wheels: 1 to 28 wheels per head with up to 90 characters per wheel.

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